1.Best friend.

  • Without any doubt dog is by far the best friend of any human being there are certain human characteristics in a dog, “ yes that’s true “.
  • There are certain special features of a dog that resemble that of a human such as caring, loving, protective and many more which make humans resonate with them and thereby they also see them as a best friend with whom they can spend plenty of time with.


  • And the best part is they do not judge you for who you are which is really amazing in this judgmental world, you don’t have to be someone else in the fear of being judged but in fact, you can completely be yourself and not worry about anything in your head.
  • One cannot be themselves with humans due to several reasons they always have to be the person people want them to be which is quite annoying sometimes but with your best doggy friend you can even behave like a child without the fear of being judged.


  • There’s no one as trustworthy as dogs which is also one of the important features of a dog ( trustworthiness ). You can trust them blindly.
  • Trusting someone in this world can be a difficult task and especially humans, but you can definitely trust your dog as they are never ever going to use you for their own self motive as most of the humans do.
  • Have you ever thought why people who can’t see or people who are blind always have a dog instead of a human when they are alone? , well the simple and very straightforward answer for that is they trust their dogs more than humans.


  • For sure dogs are the only creature on this planet on whom you could depend for anything and everything, but of course, you know what I am talking about.
  • You can easily depend on them for emotional stability, companionship, friendliness and also various other things if trained accordingly.
  • Do you know? there are several dogs who are trained to perform certain household activities especially by single moms they train them in such a way that they even go to supermarkets with them and carry their bags.
  • And also your kids could depend on them too for having a nice time playing with them.


  • We as humans always want someone to listen to us right? , whether you had a long day at the office or whether you want to get something off your chest we want someone to listen to us.
  • But your go-to people are not going to be around you always listening to your shit which they don’t care of.
  • Dogs are your saviors during such situations they are always there to listen to you no matter what and also if you train them properly then they could also listen to your every specific command which could be really overwhelming.

6. Cheer you up.

  • Qualities of a dog like these are attracting more and more people towards them, as humans, we do feel low sometimes or sometimes we just have a bad day during such moments we really need someone to cheer us up or else it could also lead to depression.
  • Guess what! You have a best doggy friend who’s always there for you to cheer you up almost anytime isn’t that amazing? , they can be your natural stress busters who could save you from getting into difficult situations.
  • They can also motivate you to be happy as one could be easily influenced by their behavior and that can change your entire vibe for the day which is awesome.

7. They know you.

  • You will be shocked to know that no one knows you better than your dog, they observe you a lot more than you think on a daily basis which helps them to understand you and your behavior regularly.
  • They even know what makes you happy and what doesn’t, have you noticed? When you are in a bad mood and your dog comes to you by himself, that is the proof of how much he knows you.
  • Dogs can literally read humans by their actions and they easily know whether the person standing in front of them has good intentions or not.
  • Watchdogs are kept for this very specific reason and it is definitely one of the most important qualities of a dog.

8.Always with you.

  • Trust me or not no one in this whole world cares for you truly except your parents and your beloved dog.
  • Your dog will always be with you till it’s last breath no matter what may be it your best time ever or your worst.
  • People sometimes only stick around you if everything is going well in your life so it might as well just give more importance to your dog because he is the one besides you always.
  • Not everyone has this lucky doggy friend at home due to several reasons, if you have one remember you are blessed.

9. Loves you unconditionally.

  • This is known generally by everyone that no one can love you as unconditionally as your dog in fact you should not expect anyone to do so.
  • A dog is loyal, faithful and kind to you and its love for you is absolutely true so make sure you pet your dog next time he expresses love towards you.
  • You know what! , A dog could give his life for you in order to protect you in difficult situations, I think that should be enough to explain it’s unconditional love for their owners.

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