How to control aggression in dogs

How to control aggression in them.

  • Don’t leave your dogs alone socialize your dog with other dogs if your dog is not socialized there is a high chance of aggression in them, never keep your dogs tied up in a particular place keep them open at home as much as possible.
  • If anyone is about to visit your home then keep them in leash for not more than one to two hours and most importantly make sure that the space that they are in should be very comfortable and relaxing for them to carry on with their physical activity.

Aggression due to sexual behavior problem.

  • In some dogs aggression might also be caused due to sexual behavioral problems, well, in that case, it’s important for female dogs to be spayed which is the removal procedure of hormones and for male dogs removal of testicles becomes necessary, mostly it’s recommended and most of the veterinarians do that as well. You can also ask them suggestions on how to control aggression in dogs.

Symptoms of aggression in dogs.

  • You should also notice some symptoms before aggression in them they could be lifting their lip upwards or they could be barking, snapping or be in a coughing position in the sense it will get in the position of attack.
  • Sometimes when the dogs are about to attack their tail straightens and it swings sideways if you see that then that’s the signal of danger so see all these symptoms and react accordingly.


  • If you come across an aggressive dog and if you think that you can run away but unfortunately that’s not an option to consider instead you should try to communicate and calm them down.
  • Never rough handle your dogs and never hurt them and cause them pain and you should definitely give your dog a perfect obedience training and especially for dogs with aggressive nature.

Types of aggressive dogs.

  1. Chow Chow..
  2. Doberman Pinscher.
  3. Dalmatian.
  4. Rottweiler.
  5. Jack Russell Terrier.
  6. German Sheperd.
  • Those were some types of aggressive dogs but don’t have a misconception that getting a dog aggressive in nature is not the right move, all dogs are wonderful and beautiful but they differ in nature just like human personalities.

How to socialize an aggressive dog.

  • To socialize your take them for a walk daily and let them be with other dogs for a while daily and it also helps them improve their behavior when outdoors. Expose your dog to new sights, new sounds, new smells, and humans and other dogs. Take them to public places dog parks etc.

Dog reactivity.

  • Usually, when a dog gets reactive there is something unpleasant happening in there surrounding which is needed to be observed it might well be reacting to other dogs, people, an object or anything else. Essentially, someone tries to trigger the dog which in return makes the dog to bark, growl or lunge which might seem like the dog is actually being aggressive.

Dominance in dogs.

  • Some dogs have the behaviour of dominance in them which motivates them to achieve higher social status in front of other dogs or people. So in order to achieve control over the other the dog behaves aggressively creating a sense of dominance over the other to avoid that the owner needs to train the dog in such a way that he is in charge for everything.
  • The aggression towards other dogs happens many times as the theory of dominance comes into play and in order to dominate the other, the aggression takes place. So when the question lies on how to control aggression in dogs the simple answer for that is train it to perfection which will eventually stop aggressive dog behavior.

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