How to potty train a dog.

What is potty training?

  • So what is potty training in the first place, it is definitely not a trick training session where you sit with your dog give your dog treats and teach them in a few minutes.
  • When you bring your new puppy home it does not know where to do potty and were not to as expected, it needs some training and that training is known as Potty training.

Notice your dog’s potty routine.

  • Notice when your dog does potty regularly and fix it as your puppy potty training schedule if it does every afternoon then take your dog out during that time with a leash, after taking them out stay with them outside as long as possible until they do their business.

Reward them.

  • Let’s say you have been going out with your dog during his or her potty time and for the first few days, the results may not be achieved as the dog is adapting to the environment.
  • But in case it does potty during the initial stage at the desired spot make sure you reward him with treats heavily as we do during training, so teach and reward that’s the way to go but you have to be patient during this process, unlike other training methods.

Consistency is the key.

  • Take your dog out consistently and reward them when potty action is performed but during the initial days your dog might not realize why he is being rewarded or praised so much without any reason.
  • But dogs are smart after some days it will automatically understand that he is only rewarded when he does potty outside and it will automatically start doing there for that you have to take your dog out consistently and even the hardest potty training dogs will get into a habit of doing potty outside.

What to do if dog doesn’t potty outside?

  • Sometimes people say that even after keeping him outside for long periods of time he only goes potty after coming back home, so what to do then? , because once it makes a habit of doing potty at home it’s a tough job to take him out from the habit.
  • When your puppy has lot’s of space to work with when he is at home that’s the time the potty is likely to happen, the solution for that is crate train your dog during that specific time or tie him up with a leash in a specific place, not every time only when his potty time comes to make him stop doing his business at home.
  • After waiting for a while then take him outside he’ll automatically do his business in your desired spot, most of the dogs do not do potty in a confined space so make sure you reduce his area access during his potty time when he is not at home and take him out after a while.
  • Make sure you use this technique only till your dog is trained after that let them be, these were some easy techniques on how to potty train a dog if you do these things regularly you’ll find a lot of improvement.

Things not to do.

  • Do not harm or hurt your dog or show aggression towards them whenever it does a mistake because it’s your responsibility to teach them and it will not learn anything if you try the method of punishing and teaching.
  • I’ll give an example of why it will not learn that way, let’s say you are not present at your home and you have left your dog alone at home and when you come back you find out that he has done potty inside and you decide to hurt or beat him.
  • Your puppy will not understand why he is being punished for, he will never understand that he is being beaten up for doing potty and making the home dirty that’s why punishing him for that is of no use and you should never do that anyway.

Train to potty on puppy pads.

  • When you decide to potty train your puppy on a potty pad make sure the potty pad is absorbent in nature and fix a particular place and place your potty pad so that you don’t confuse your puppy every time, choose a particular area and always keep it there.
  • You can also try and fix multiple spots to have easy access to your puppy, as it grows have only one space because with time he will be able to control his bladder.
  • To make your puppy potty in the potty pad you have to take him to the spot and have some verbal associations like GO POTTY consistently so that he understands what the term means, if you feel that he has to go but he is not making a move towards the spot you can pick him and place him there.
  • If he is constantly distracted during the process make sure you attach a leash and be next to him or keep him confined above the spot during that time, when he does what he is supposed to do praise and reward him with treats, after a while he will get used to the process and adapt to it..
How to potty train a dog.

Things to remember.

When your puppy is too small please keep your puppy at home no need to train them so early you might harm while you do that and that’s not what you are supposed to do, keep your puppy at home until their vaccinations are completed.

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