How to understand a dog.

The short answer on how to understand a dog is to carefully watch their behavior, their indications, and their gestures which reveals a lot about them and their current state that could help dog owners understand their dog better.

Just like we understand different moods and emotions from a body language of a person the same can be done with dogs as well but for that, we have to pay close attention to a dog’s body language and some important signals and indications.

Many people have a widespread understanding of dog’s body language like if it barks then it is in a bad mood and when it waves it’s tale it’s in a good mood but there are many other body languages that your dog might be doing which you haven’t noticed.

How to understand your dog better? if that’s the question you are thinking about right now, read the following gestures carefully which will give you an idea of how to understand what your dog is saying.

 1 Belly up.


  • You must have noticed several times when your dog is lying upside down in a playful mood which literally means it’s trying to say that it’s in a submissive position and it’s not a threat to anyone.
  • For example when a large dog barks or shows aggression towards a smaller dog, then the smaller dog does this gesture indicating that it is not a threat at all and not willing for a conflict.
  • Through this body language one can easily understand that the dog is friendly and in a good mood for humans to play with.

2. Constantly Licking Lips

  • If your dog is licking its lip constantly for no reason, then there could be a couple of reasons behind that behavior either it’s very tensed and not understanding exactly what to do or it could be very happy and ecstatic on the other hand.
  • To exactly understand what it’s feeling like you have to pay close attention to your dog if your dog is constantly licking its lips and at the same time its ears are slightly bent backward then there is high chance that your dog might be in some depression and it really wants to come out of that situation in such case it’s highly recommended to pet your dog which will help your dog to relax.
  • And on the other hand, while licking the lips if its ears are perfectly normal then that means the dog is happy and in a relaxed mood.

3. Bending its tale and hips.

  • If you find your dog bending its tale lower than normal and along with it if it’s also bending its hips and face lower then that means your dog is extremely scared and going close to it during that time is not a good option because it can even bite the other person to defend itself.
  • This body language in dogs is only seen when it is extremely scared of something. For example, some people try to punish their dog for something then it can be seen in such a position and it can be extremely unpredictable during such moments.

4. Barking

  • If you find your dog barking at strangers or if any dog is barking at you for that matter then you need to have a close look at their ears and tale, if its ears are straight while barking then it doesn’t want you to enter its territory. And they will not appreciate your entry in their zone.
  • On the other hand if you find a dog’s tale extremely straight and ears backward while barking then that dog is absolutely ready to bite you off which is not a good news , so next time you find a dog barking at you never forget to look at its ears and tale for understanding what it’s trying to communicate.

5. Waving tale.

  • This is mostly understood by everyone which is a simple indication that the dog is extremely happy and during that time if you pet the dog and see that its ears are bent backward then that’s also an indication that it’s extremely relaxed and no way in the world it’s going to bite you during such situations.
How to understand a dog’s behavior.

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