Strongest dog bite…

10. Chow Chow

  • Chow chow might look like a teddy bear to you or very cute to the eye but chow chow was used for livestock guarding and also used to protect them from wild animals, so chow chow’s bite force is about 220 PSI ( Pounds square inch ) you cannot call it too strong, but it’s somewhere around average

9. Dutch Shepherd

  • You can guess from the name itself that it’s a shepherd dog and they were breeded as a working dog it might seem somewhat like Belgian Malinois to you but its true origin is from Netherlands and in today’s time it is also used for police work or military work.
  • Its average bite force is around 224 PSI which is a bit more than Chow Chow.

8. American Pit bull terrier.

  • 8th in the list is the most known and popular American Pit bull terrier, American pit bull terrier is known for having a powerful jaw and being very strong but it’s not the truth even though being medium in size it’s average bite force is 235 PSI.

7. German Shepherd

  • 7th in the list is one of the smart and most popular dogs and one of the best guard dogs German Shepherd. German shepherds are also used for police and military purposes and along with that, it has a strong bite force.
  • In the police department, it is trained in such a way that if it is catching a thief then catch him in such a way that he cannot run. German shepherd has a bite force of 238PSI.

6. Doberman

  • Doberman is the 6th dog in the list, Doberman is one of the most loyal breeds and it was breeded by Carlos Doberman from whom it got its name he was breeded in the 19th century as a guard dog.
  • Doberman’s bite force is around 245 PSI ( Pound square inch) it is one of the dangerous dogs and believe me, if he bites someone with its full force then it can tear the muscles and even crack the bones.

5. American Bull Dog

  • 5th in the list is the American Bull Dog, American Bull Dogs are very different from the English Bull Dogs, it has a large body size and they are very strong and muscular dogs.
  • American bull dogs is one of the most dangerous breeds it has an astonishing bite force of 305 PSI which is very strong.

4. Rottweiler

  • Fourth in the list is the Rottweiler, Rottweiler is one of the tough dog breeds and it has a very strong jaw muscle, it has an average bite force of 328 PSI and they can easily break anyone’s bone and no human would want to come across in a deadly situation with it.

3. High breed wolf dog

  • Third, in the list is the high breed wolf-dog it is one of the aggressive dog breeds, wolf anyways are wild animals and it has come into existence with a mix of cross-breeding German shepherds and Siberian husky.
  • They are very dangerous and also known for their aggression, keeping them as a pet in many countries is banned it has an average bite force of 406 PSI and they need this bite force because they live in the forest and they need this bite force to hunt their prey.

2. English Mastiff

  • 2nd in the top 10 strongest dog bite force is the English Mastiff, English Mastiff is one of the large-sized dog breeds and they are very strong and muscular but also with that they are one of the calmest dogs around.
  • They have an average bite force of 556 PSI which is extremely strong, it can easily break bones in one attempt

1. Kangal dog breed

  • 1st in this list is the Kangal dog breed it has the strongest dog bite in the world, calling a Kangal dog breed a Hulk in the dog world wouldn’t be wrong because they are very tall and strong.
  • They have an average bite force of 743 PSI which is stronger than every dog it was also used to guard livestock where it used to have battle with wild animals and with this extreme bite force they used to easily defeat them.
Strongest dog bites..

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