Top 10 Friendly Dogs…

10. Bull Dog

  • Bull dogs are medium-sized dog breeds, and they are very loyal to their owners and also very friendly with small kids, they are perfectly suitable for those kids who like to play a little rough with their dogs. Bull dogs can be easily kept in small to large-sized apartments with no issues whatsoever.


  • Beagle is a small dog breed it’s small in size and calm tempered dog which is perfect for families having small kids and also thinking of having a dog, beagle can be defined as smart, friendly and happy, beagle likes to be with their owners and it can also get along with other people except some of the smaller dog breeds.

8.Bull Terrier

  • Bull terriers are medium-sized dog breeds and they are very good companions to humans these dogs might seem like an aggressive dog breed but in reality, they are very friendly may it be kids or family members, in fact, it’s even friendly with strangers.

7. Collie

  • Collie dog breeds are of many types such as Border collie and Bearded Collie, these dogs are generally very friendly with all the family members and small kids but before bringing these dogs home one must know that these dogs are really energetic and they need enough space to be physically active.


  • Newfoundland is a large-sized dog breed that are very protective, caring, and gentle towards small kids they are also called as gentle giants because they are best dogs for Kids and can easily take care of them. Newfoundland dog breed’s origin is from a town in Canada named Newfoundland where they were breeded and used as a working dog.

5. PUG

  • Pug is a small dog breed and they can easily live in small and medium-sized apartments, they are the perfect choice for those who live alone along with kids which makes them a Kid friendly dog breed and these dogs are also very friendly with strangers which makes them the priority for most dog lovers.

4. Irish Setter

  • The Irish setter is a medium-size dog breed that can easily get along with other dogs and also with small Kids, and it is also friendly with strangers and guests which makes them best dog breeds. These dogs need regular exercise so that they could be absolutely fit, but it might be difficult to find in some countries such as India.


  • Third in the list of top 10 friendliest dogs are Poodle. Poodles are of three types Standard Poodle, Miniature Poodle, and Toy Poodle. The poodle comes second in the ranking of most intelligent dog breeds after Border Collie, they are mostly used in various kinds of dog sports but along with that they are easily compatible with families and they are also very Kid-friendly.

2 Labrador Retriever

  • Labrador is one dog breed that is mostly found with every dog lover. Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dogs all around the world every dog lover wishes to have a Labrador as their pet because they are very friendly and social dogs which are the best family dogs and could also be easily compatible with anyone, may it be with small kids or with elderly people at home.

1. Golden Retriever

  • In the top 10 Friendly dog breeds 1st is the Golden Retriever, if you are looking for a perfect family dog and a perfect friendly dog then Golden Retriever is the best choice for you they are the best family dogs, because they are friendly with Kids at home along with the family members and even with strangers.
  • Golden Retriever is very loyal to their owners and cherish to spend quality time with family members which makes them the perfect dog any dog lover would wish to have.
Top 10 friendly dog breeds..

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