Top 10 most dangerous dog breeds.

10. Rottweiler

  • This German dog breed is trendy and one of the most dangerous dogs but there are many countries where the Rottweiler is banned, rottweiler is banned in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Romania, France, and some other countries but if this dog is socialized well then it can become good family dogs, and there are many people who have Rottweiler’s as family dogs.

9. Dogo Argentino

  • Dogo Argentino is a medium to large-sized dog breed and it was breeded by a medical doctor named Antonio Nores Martinez, to bring dogo Argentino into existence a fighting dog was breeded with different dog breeds such as Graydon, Irish wolfhound, Spanish Mastiff, and other dogs and then Dodo Argentino came into existence.

8. Wolf Hybrid

  • 8th in the list is wolf hybrid, imagine what would happen if a dangerous Greywolf was breeded with a dog like German Sheperd or Siberian Husky and the dog produced would be an aggressive dog breed much more dangerous such as Wolf hybrid but wolf hybrid would have certain dangerous qualities like wolf, they are natural hunters so it could attack people as well.

7. Boerboel

  • Boerboel is a medium to large-sized dog breed and it is said that it is one of the strongest dog breeds it was breeded as a guard dog from the native people of Africa but how did their breed form no one was sure about that but there is a lot of saying that the native dogs of Africa was breeded with Europe’s mastiff-type dogs after which existence of Boerboel came into place but there is no proper evidence in this information.

6. American Bulldog

  • 6th in the list is the American bulldog, American bulldogs are very different from English bulldogs they are very strong and bulky, is not handled properly American bulldogs can be very aggressive but in today’s time, they are used as guard dogs in American farms.

5. Brazilian Mastiff

  • Brazilian Mastiff is a large-sized working dog breed and most dangerous dog breed in the world they are known for their aggressiveness and tracking ability because of the aggression that this dog tends to possess it’s banned in many countries such as Italy, Spain, Denmark, and the entire Great Britain, this dog breed is also used for many dog fights.

4. Presa Canario

  • 4th in the list is the Presa Canario, these are large-sized Molossus type dogs and it is used to guard livestock these dogs are very strong and bulky if someone decides to have Presa Canario and if it is not trained properly then they can become dangerous dog breeds because of their large size.

3. American Pitbull Terrier

  • 3rd in the list is the American Pitbull Terrier which has a very bad reputation when we hear the name of American pitbull terrier we form an image of an aggressive dog in our minds and we also look at it as most unpredictable dogs but if this pitbull is kept and taken care of well then they can become very good companion to humans, but to keep American pitbull terrier as a pet one has to be a highly experienced dog owner and one must know exactly how to deal with such dogs.

2. Turkish Kangal

  • 2nd in the list is the Kangal dog breed, Kangal dog breeds are also guarding dogs who help their owners to protect their farm or anything else, they also protect from animals like wolf and beer. Some time ago Namibia and Kenya also imported Kangal dog breeds to protect their livestock from animals like lions and cheetahs. It would be not wrong to say them as one of the best Guard dogs

1.Caucasian Shepherd dog

  • 1st in the list of dangerous dog breeds is the Caucasian Shepherd Dog breeds it is one of the most deadliest dog breeds, they are large-sized dogs and also one of the heaviest dogs around, the minimum weight of these dogs are around 50kgs, keeping a Caucasian shepherd dog could be very risky if not handled properly they could be very deadly and they could also attack anyone, training a Caucasian dog is extremely important and necessary.
Most dangerous dog breeds

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