Top 10 smartest dogs.

10. Rottweiler

  • Rottweiler is one of the loyal dog breeds its origin is from Germany, they are best guard dogs, they are also used as service dogs, police dogs, and therapy dogs if rottweilers are trained and socialized properly they can be a very good Campanian.

9. Bloodhound

  • Bloodhound dog was breeded to chase animals like white bear and deer, they have the best sense of smell amongst all dog breeds bloodhound is an independent dog breed and they are medium to large-sized dogs, they are also used in search and rescue missions.

8 Papillon

  • Papillon is a small-sized french dog breed, these dogs are very friendly and energetic, they like playing with small kids, their life span is higher compared to other dog breeds it could be a maximum of 17 years.

7. Labrador

  • Labrador is the most popular dogs in the world and it’s also one of the smartest breeds, they are best family dogs and they could be trained easily, it is mostly availabe and its the perfect choice for first-time dog owners, they can easily get along with kids and they are friendly with everyone.

6. Shetland sheep dog

  • Shetland sheep dog’s origin is from Scotland, they were breeded as a herding dog they are very playful and intelligent and also one of the smartest dogs, they are also keen and interested in learning new tricks.

5. Doberman

  • Doberman is also known for its loyalty, they are very loyal to their owners and they are also used as guard dogs, watchdogs, police dogs. Doberman is not for first-time dog owners if you train and socialize your dog from the start then it could be trained well.

4. Golden Retriever

  • Golden retriever is the 3rd most famous dog in the world, they are very good family dogs and also very intelligent, they are friendly with everyone even with strangers, and it also comes under top 100 best dog breeds.

3. German shepherd

  • German shepherd is the second most popular dog in the world after labrador. German shepherds can be trained for anything and it will definitely fulfill that, it is used by many countries for police and military work if you train your GSD properly then they could be a very good companion to you.

2. Poodle

  • Poodle dogs are of three types Toy Poodle, Miniature Poodle, and Standard Poodle this dog breed is very active and intelligent and it’s also one of the smartest dog breed ranked relatively high in terms of ranking and that’s the reason why they could be easily trained, poodles are also part of dog shows.

1.Border collie

  • Border collie comes under top 10 to top 20 smartest dog breeds, border collie are very good herding dogs and they were breeded in the border of Scotland that’s the reason why border is attached in their name border collie are generally intelligent dogs but they are also one of the most active dog breeds, this dog is highly energetic and that’s why they are part of several dog courses and they have a habit of winning.
Top 10 smartest dogs .

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